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The Oberammergau passion play is part of this  small group escorted tours for 21 days that travel across central Europe from Vienna  to Budapest with points in between. The group spends 2 nights in the town of Oberammergau for the play.

The program follows the Habsburg dynasty was influential in Central Europe from the 10th century. As Holy Roman Emperors they controlled an Empire which at its medieval zenith covered huge tracts of Europe stretching from Spain and the Netherlands to the Black Sea.

21 days
Departing May, Aug
Contempporary Germany including Oberammergau

Join us on this this comprehensive journey that begins in Heidelberg and ventures south to the romantic Black Forest to Munich. 22 Nights in Germany Featuring Berlin, Munich, the Black Forest, Bavaria, the Alps, and the Rhine as well as attending Oberammergau 2020.

23 days
Departing Aug
Skardu, Pakistan

This 22-day tour begins much like our 16-day tour of Pakistan, travelling from Karachi to Islamabad with a six-day extension that allows us to further explore the northern parts of the country.

23 days
Asia and the Orient
Departing Sep, Apr

A fascinating tour, with an amazing mix of culture and history – the islands of Greece, the cradle of Western civilization, where traces of a centuries-old history exists. Visit Santorini, a remnant of a volcanic era; Crete, the home of the Minoan civilization with important archaeological finds at Knossos and Phaistos. Rhodes, inhabited since the Stone Age; and venture further to the island of Cyprus, where east meets west.

21 days
Departing Apr

Our program in the Netherlands provides us with a delicious taste of its delights. We view the main sights of old Amsterdam, a World Heritage Site, first on foot and then from the comfort of a cruise along its 17th century canals. Our exploration of Dutch gardens includes the Hortus Botanicus, an impressive university garden. Timed to enjoy what is perhaps the highlight of the program – a visit to Keukenhof’s bulb gardens. They contain more than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths which fill over 32 hectares.

7 days
Departing Apr

Explore Jordan, visiting its capital city Jordan, the ancient Desert Castles, Petra and the Dead Sea

9 days
Middle East
Departing Jan, Apr, Oct

Our program, as well as featuring the rugged countryside of Southern Italy, also encompasses learning about the many civilisations that have shaped the nature and persona of this land. As we explore the diversity of Southern Italy we learn about the influence of the early Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Normans, Angevins and Aragonese while we search for evidence of their colonisation.

22 days
Departing May, Sep, Jan, Apr
Short Spain tours

10 nights in Spain. Starting in Barcelona and finishing in Madrid.

11 days
Departing May, Sep, Mar
Vineyard with Davaillo castle as background, La Rioja (Spain)

Our program explores the lands of Spain and Portugal, two countries bound by many centuries of history reflected in their modern cultures. Divided by history and language, contiguous neighbours Spain and Portugal were once host to gigantic empires that still bear their languages and lifestyles.

24 days
Departing May, Sep, Mar

Enjoy the best of Bach, not just the music but to explore his and his immediate families influences as a composer on his life. The program spends 16 days visiting the locations that where influences on his life as well as attending the Bach Music festival in Leipzig.

16 days
Departing Jun


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The Original Educational Based - Travel Tour Operator for mature aged travellers and seniors

Why educational travel?

Educational travel is more than a holiday. It’s a chance to see, feel and learn about the people, places & the history of the part of the World you have chosen to explore. Your Odyssey leaders and local guides share their learning and knowledge ensuring you learn as you continue your journey with like-minded travellers.

For mature and senior travellers, Odyssey offers a range of educational based learning tours across some 90 nation states and some 300 departures. We offer walking tours through the national park, managed adventure travel tour experiences, river cruises where appropriate to the markets. Travel that is beyond the mainstream with a balance of touring and free time to explore or have a break in the evening away from your group should you choose.

Why Odyssey Traveller?

Since 1983, for more than 35 years, we have been providing educational tours for the over 55’s all around the world. We are the small-group educational travel experts for mature and senior travellers for the world, based in Australia. Our journey to provide small group educational tours is evolutionary, we listen to your post tour feedback, we refresh our escorted programs to continual improve the travel experience offered at great all-inclusive prices, remaining conscious of the challenge of the solo traveller and the single supplement.

We also remember to reward our loyal customers with our own loyalty program from your third small group tour.

Why small-group travel for mature & senior travellers?

Small group travel for mature and senior travellers of typically 6 to 12 people offers peace of mind, security, shared knowledge, unique access, as well as the camaraderie of a small group of like-minded travellers, that welcomes couples and solo travellers who remain keen to learn and explore the world around them.


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