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We specialise in educational small group tours, typically for groups between 6 to 12 people, and no more than 18 travellers. Odyssey’s package holidays are tailored for mature and senior travellers, be you over 50, over 60, or over 70. Odyssey has been offering this style of adventure and educational programs to since 1983.

Odyssey was originally developed by a collection of member universities across Australia, New Zealand and Asia to lead the way in providing escorted, educational small group tours for mature aged and senior travellers, to unique and intriguing  parts of the world. Today, Odyssey still has an association with universities and like-minded organisations and individuals committed to our philanthropic objectives by providing academic based merit scholarships to University students studying in Australia and New Zealand. You can find out about our annual scholarships by clicking this link.

Odyssey offers a wide range of educational, cultural and heritage journeys that expand horizons and broaden the mind. Designed for active, inquisitive travellers in a small group environment. Tour attendees typically number between 6 to 15. This emphasis on ensuring a friendly and personal tour environment is at the heart of our philosophy.

Unique tour format tailored for Mature & Senior travellers

Tours typically span between two to three weeks in duration. Odyssey’s tours seek to stay typically 2 to 3 nights in each location in good 3 or 4 star hotels. The tours have evolved to be a good blend of touring and seeing.  As well as opportunities to spend time in key places to take a half or full day  break from the group enabling  you  the opportunity to explore a place or take time out for a break, before we travel on to our next destination.

Escorted Small Group Tours Across the World

Odyssey Traveller offers tours all over the world. We have a range of tours across Europe, The British Isles, Asia, Africa, The Middle East, and The Americas. We can take you to see the Northern Lights in the outermost regions of Norway. You can travel with us to the jungles of Madagascar to experience its magnificent landscape and wildlife. Or take a journey through history with a tour with the theme of Britain’s canals and railways.

Whatever your fascination, Odyssey is certain to have a tour that sparks your interest. Visit a place you’ve never been, or return to somewhere you know and love and see it from a completely new perspective.

All inclusive Specialty Tours for mature travellers

Odyssey Travellers’s fully escorted travel programs offer a unique opportunity for the discerning adult to make the satisfying leap from tourist to traveller. By also adding value to your travel we enhance your travel experience and create more meaningful memories.

Many of our tours are organised around a particular theme, so the tour group bonds around its shared interest, and you will travel off the beaten path with experienced and knowledgeable tour guides. Themes include archaeology, architecture, ballet, fine art, gardens, and performing arts.

Each Odyssey tour you take as couple or as a single traveller counts towards your membership of our Alumni program. Bronze membership starts at the conclusion of your third international tour with us. Membership steps steadily up to Platinum when you can receive a 9% discount of the list price of any international Odyssey small group package holidays offered.

Let us take care of all the details while you concentrate on enjoying the experience. We include many extra services at no extra cost: With Odyssey Traveller there are no hidden extras. In order to find what is covered by the tour, simply refer to the “Incl/Excl” section on the tour page.

Small Group Holidays for Senior couples or single travellers

Whether travelling solo, in a couple, or with friends, Odyssey Traveler caters primarily for travellers over 50, over 60, over 70 or 80 years of age. Therefore, your travelling companions are sure to share your interests. They will want similar experiences in an environment of mutual understanding. We design all programs with mature travellers in mind.

All Odyssey Traveller participants want more than just a blur of museums and monuments. We work to create a lively learning experience and cover some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. We are also, of course, aware of your need for free-time, so many of our itineraries allowing space for you to explore, or simply relax on your own.

Odyssey is focussed on the cost of our tours to ensure our prices represent good value to our customers.

Odyssey offers genuine small group touring programs. Odyssey tours are priced to reflect that these are small group tours. Typically  this means you are part of a small group of 6 to 12 people, not part of a group of 18 or more. Small group for us means having an evening meal around one dinner table. So, we do not achieve the economies of scale of 18 plus on a coach that larger tour operators offer, because this is not the type of touring experience our clients seek from us.

Odyssey tours are genuinely based around;

  • Small group touring of less than 18 people.
  • Knowledgable local expert guides and a great tour leader who has an interest in the theme of the tour.
  • Inclusive pricing, including all entrances, tipping and the majority of meals included. That means, no hidden extras with respect to cost.
  • Learning based tours with like minded travellers
  • Accommodation in 3 & 4 star hotels and self catering apartments.
  • A blend of group learning and touring activities and free time.
  • No name badges or flags to follow when out and about.
  • Travel to places that extend your learning and curiosity, often where others will not follow.
  • Spending typically between 60 to 85% of the operating cost of the tour in the country visited, benefitting the local communities directly.


Odyssey tours are based around that you pay less in comparison to similar tour offerings. You can make all the arrangements by e-mail, web chat, direct on- line or by mail or telephone from the comfort of your own home. Odyssey arranges everything from educational content, accommodation, to meals, field trips and coach or train travel. We also market directly to you with no hidden extras. We’re also happy to help with advice on every aspect of your trip, whether it be tips on what to pack, to the fitness level  required for a walking tour. Additionally, we can assist with your flights and travel insurance requirements, at your request.

If  you want to learn more have a look at our articles with plenty of travel advice. 

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About Odyssey Traveller

We are a small team based in Sydney Australia, led by Mark Banning-Taylor who joined Odyssey in 2011 to turn the company around refreshing the product offering to our key client group. Mark purchased the company in 2018, with a commitment to providing Odyssey scholarships to University students.

We research, prepare and post all our articles on travel and travel advice to our existing and potential customers who are considering joining us on one of our tours.

Last updated July 24th 2019.

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